How it Works

Bookbank is a platform for borrowing and lending books. Irrespective of whether you intend to lend/borrow a book, you must sign up or register. Please give in your appropriate details when you sign up to enable proper communication between the lender and borrower. Once you sign up, you can either lend or borrow books.

  • Guidlines for lenders:

If you wish to lend a book, click on the menu in the header and click on dashboard. Then then click on proceed below the lend a book section and lend the book. Remember, enter the proper details of the book and give a summary in the book details section. Take a clear photo of the book you will be uploading. Do not take pictures from other sites as this may result in copyright issues.

Sign up/login and lend on Book Lend

  • Guidlines for borrowers:

For borrowers, you can search for the book you want through the search bar at the top of the page or click on the book list and scroll through the books of certain genres. To view more details of the book in the book list, click ont he picture of the book. Contact the lender to borrow the book from them.

Sign up/login and borrow on Book List


By lending and borrowing books, there are many benefits.

  1. This platform can be helpful for children who are deprived from qulaity education and cannot by books.
  2. Students can browse through various genres of books and borrow a book that they want without paying for it.
  3. The process of publishing and printing of books requires plenty of cutting of trees, even lot of energy is consumed in the process. This gets reduced when we practice the habit of lending and borrowing books.
  4. This platform facilitates the exchange of knowledge.

So why wait? Choose BookBank today!